June 9, 2012

Today I experienced one of the grinniest firsts of my life: I attended a flash mob! And what made the grins even grinnier was that it was a geocaching flash mob! At a certain park in Mountain View, California at 10am this morning, geocachers appeared from random areas and began blowing bubbles as they made their way to one central area of the park and it was fifteen minutes of bubbly goodness! Much to the curious delight of the muggles in the area, geocachers blew bubbles and there were a few machines on hand to help as well (after all, geocachers DO love their gadgets!)…grins were had by all (especially the little ones) and we quickly dispersed and wandered off our separate ways to find more geocaches and grins! 

Here’s hoping everyone around the world enjoyed all the geocaching flash mobs that took place today! You can learn more about the worldwide events at http://blog.geocaching.com/2012/05/geocaching-com-presents-world-wide-flash-mob/